Public involvement throughout the process of updating both the IASP and AEIA was incredibly important. A dynamic stakeholder engagement process supported all analyses as well the development of final project deliverables. This ensured that the study reflected and addressed the considerations of all aviation users in Idaho.

A Project Advisory Committee (PAC) was established to provide guidance during the IASP and AEIA. Memberships included representatives from airports, other state modal representatives, state economic development partners, metropolitan planning organizations (MPO), the Idaho Airport Managers Association (IAMA), and Idaho Aviation Association. Meetings were held throughout the studies to discuss system goals, performance measures, and benchmarks; validate the approach used to calculate economic impacts; review airport inventory data; establish airport classifications; identify aviation issues and trends; determine future performance targets; and finalize system and policy recommendations. PAC meeting presentations are available as follows:

In addition to coordinating with PAC membership, the study team conducted outreach to a wider audience that gathered input for both studies’ updates. The study team conducted stakeholder interviews that collected relevant data and generated interest in the study. These stakeholders represented a range of groups who understand, use, and/or depend on Idaho’s aviation system. Two newsletters were also developed during the studies:

Other stakeholders or interested public were invited to participate in the study process by submitting comments via the Contact page.